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Although some principles are universal, many business letter writing conventions vary considerably from country to country. Therefore, if you are looking for a business letter writing service to help you out, you have to be extremely careful to hire one that will be able to meet these requirements – which isn’t always easy or at all possible because all too many writing agencies don’t allow for a great deal of customization in your order and don’t seem to listen to your requirements very attentively in the first place. You rarely get an opportunity to communicate with the writer working on your order directly, and even rarer do you have any choice when it comes to the selection of this writer. In most cases, the service simply assigns an author to your order, without you knowing the first thing about his qualifications, experience, writing style or preferred topics. Business letters, with their need for customization, suffer especially badly from this approach.

Why You Should Consider Placing an Order with

Because doesn’t suffer from most of the problems characteristic of traditional writing services – after all, it isn’t a writing agency per se, but rather a platform for academic writers looking for an extra source of income. Instead of maintaining a team of full-time writers, we have created a network of freelance academic writers working through our website. This allows us to offer you the services of a much larger and more diverse community of authors than is possible for an average writing service – as they are getting paid only for the work they do, there is virtually no limit to the number of writers capable of working through our agency. In addition to that, such arrangement doesn’t require nearly as much management and overseeing, which allows us to save on processing expenses as well. Through you can hire a writer from any country of the world, finding a specialist with exactly the qualifications and the knowledge of writing conventions of the country you need.

Your Choice Is What’s Important

When you get business letter writing help from you get complete freedom of choice. It works like this: you place an order (preferably giving us as detailed instructions as possible, as the final result depends on this stage), which then appears in the list of assignments available to all writers. After that authors working through start bidding for it, offering their prices and advertising their skills – and you are free to choose any of them, depending on the factors of your choice. Be it price, track record or something else, the choice is yours. You may select a beginner (who’d rarely charge more than 5 cents per word) or a more skilled writer at a steeper rate – we aren’t going to force our choice upon you.

What Kind of Work We Can Do

As isn’t dependent on the abilities of a limited group of writers, we can deal with virtually any task you may think about, for example:

  • Business proposal;
  • Business letter;
  • Commercial offer;
  • Advertisement writing;
  • Etc.

We Are Always Ready to Help

Again, as we aren’t dependent on the presence or absence of a limited number of writers but instead use the services of numerous independent contractors, is ready to jump into action at any moment of night or day. In addition to that, we are not limited to a set list of topics: as our writers come from different countries and backgrounds, there are those among them who can successfully deal with tasks on any topic. Here are just a few we’ve worked on recently:

  • Letter offering information about a product;
  • Letter asking for the information about a company;
  • Letter of refusal to a business proposal;
  • Letter introducing a new product or service;
  • Letter accepting a job offer.

As you may see, our writers are pretty versatile – you can come to us with any kind of business-related assignment, and we will find somebody to help you out. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism, either – we take care of it with our powerful anti-plagiarism software. In other words, don’t waste your time any longer – just place an order and enjoy your time!

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