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Writing a speech is unlike any other kind of writing, academic or otherwise, for the simple reason that it combines in itself two vastly different modes of communication: written and oral. That is, one has to a very large extent forget about all the conventions of written works and everything one has learned about a proper way to express one’s thoughts in writing and think about how a speech is going to sound when it is, well, spoken. It is one of the reasons so many students experience problems with this kind of academic assignment and resort to speech writing services to see themselves through these hurdles. And there is nothing wrong about it – after all, even presidential speech writers encountered stumbling blocks of this kind at some step of their careers.

Why Is Different?

The important issue about is that it is not an academic writing agency in the habitual sense of the word – what we represent is more of a network or platform for freelance academic writers who work with us not as employees but as individual contractors. Both clients and writers are completely free to seek out each other, discuss conditions on which they agree to work, define payment and deadlines – we don’t interfere, except to ensure the safety of all transactions and confidentiality of all involved parties.

As a result, you can always judge by yourself if this or that writer is suited to your assignment. Writers decide for themselves how much they want to charge for their work if they want to get hired. And finally, we don’t spend nearly as much as most other writing services on organizational and managerial expenses – which is beneficially reflected in the prices you can find on our website. Some writers offer their services at 5 cent per word, others go higher – it all depends on individual preference and the amount of time this or that writer has spent with our company. You can expect best speech writers to charge more, but in the long run we carefully check every text for consistency and plagiarism before issuing an assignment to the client. Specifics is a web platform where you can hire academic writers of any kind, country of origin and skill level: from humble beginners to highly experienced industry veterans. In doesn’t matter where you come from – we have people from all over the world and familiar with all possible local conventions and style guides working at The topic of your speech doesn’t matter – we make special efforts to attract writers specializing in a wide variety of knowledge areas so that you would always be able to hire somebody capable of helping you. Here are just a few examples of speech topics we have been working on recently:

  • The Future of Hybrid Cars;
  • Nanotechnology: Its Prospects and Dangers;
  • Internet Crimes and IT Security;
  • The Importance of REM Sleep for Health and Productivity;
  • The Impact of Obesity on General Healthcare.

So, simply place an order and have a speech on any topic covered by real professionals.

Getting Assistance from

If you need a sample of a high-quality speech on your topic to get your started with writing your own assignment of this type, you have no better place to turn than for two reasons. Firstly, as each of our writers acts independently and gets paid depending on the speed and quality of his output, they have it in their best interests to produce top-notch texts. Secondly, the diversity of people working via our service means that you can find specialists capable of writing any kind of speech:

  • Informative speeches;
  • Speeches dedicated to special occasions;
  • Persuasive speeches;
  • And many others.

You simply have to fill in the order form, type “Write my speech for me” and our writers will immediately start bidding for the right to work on your assignment, offering their competing conditions and prices. All you have to do is to choose the one that suits you best, and after that it is just a matter of time until the task is completed and you receive you sample, normally well before the deadline. You don’t have to worry about its originality as well – we check each test a with powerful anti-plagiarism software, so the only thing you have to care about is clearly formulating your instructions.

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