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If in the past you have already been looking for an academic service capable of delivering high-quality critical thinking writing you should know that it is not as trivial a task as one may believe. The majority of online writing services don’t allow you to communicate with the writer who is working on your paper sample, or in the very least severely limit the possibility of doing so by allowing you to talk to him only via the customer support. Needless to say, it makes any meaningful communication extremely difficult and, in turn, considerably harms the writing process. While some types of writing, the ones dealing with more factual matters, can more or less safely be left without additional supervision, when it comes to critical thinking you have to keep a closer eye on the proceedings.

What Is the Difference between and Other Writing Services?

Absolute majority of companies offering critical thinking help on the Internet are centralized agencies that keep a number of writers in their employment and assign them more or less randomly to the orders as they come up. Very rarely do they actually attempt any correlation between the abilities of individual writers and the kind of tasks they assign to them – as a result, all their employees are more or less interchangeable because they only very occasionally get to work on topics and disciplines they are any good at. In most cases, what you get as a result is universal mediocrity – the management of such companies cares mostly about how to deal with the flow of new assignments with limited resources they have at the ready. works in a completely different fashion – it is more a community or a freelance platform than it is a writing service. Instead of assigning writers to jobs, we allow them to contact their clients directly and cooperate with them freely, on conditions that both parties will find acceptable.

How Does Work?

It is all fairly simple. When you place an order with it isn’t automatically assigned to any writer – instead, it appears in the list of available orders for all people working via to see. After that, they start bidding for the right to work on it, offering their prices, asking additional questions and suggesting their own approaches to the task. You are free to study their offers, profiles and track records and choose the writer who seems to be best suited to your work – it is up to you which factors you are going to base your decision on. You get an opportunity to hire specialists from any country in the world, for has people all over the globe working through it, and you can freely choose whichever suits you better. Our writers work with all types of critical thinking writing, including:

  • Critical thinking essays;
  • Critical thinking papers;
  • Critical reviews;
  • Evaluation essays;
  • Etc.
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    The primary advantage of is its universality. As we have writers from all over the world, from all possible backgrounds and with all kinds of experience working through our service, we can offer you a broad choice of skills, abilities and prices. Naturally, beginners charge you less (starting at 5 cent a word), while more established and experienced writers having higher fees. This, however, doesn’t mean that we mix good and bad writers: all people working through have first to prove their skills. As a result, we have a team capable of working on any critical thinking essay writing topics, including:

  • Differences in Communication Approaches between Men and Women;
  • Obesity: Its Causes and Consequences for the Society Worldwide;
  • Importance of the Author’s Background in the Formation of His Literary Style;
  • Analysis of a Narrative Voice in a Work of Literature;
  • Use of Allegory in a Literary Work.
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    Unlike with most writing services, offers you an opportunity for full-fledged communication with your writer, thus ensuring there are no misunderstandings and at the end you receive exactly what you’ve asked for, without any unpleasant surprises. Don’t worry about deadlines, quality or anything else – just place your order with us!

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