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One may think that nothing can be simpler than Twitter writing – after all, most people don’t seem to be quite capable of doing it without firing a single neuron in the process – however, there is a huge difference between the inane chatter most Twitter users indulge in and carefully thought-through, calculated posts published by businesses for marketing purposes. In order to write a successful tweet of this kind you have to possess serious knowledge of SMM and search engine optimization, know the audience pretty well and be very good at expressing your thought in the ultra-short form of tweets. And of course, finding a writing service that would consistently provide high-quality output of this kind is almost as difficult as learning all this stuff on your own. Luckily, now you have a viable alternative:

We Can Offer You What Others Cannot

The primary difference between and other writing agencies is our main principle of work. We don’t have a regular staff of writers and managers that deal with all the assignments we get –what we’ve created is more of a platform for freelance custom writers they can use to earn money writing about things they know very well. As a result, we have a vast number of writers who only write about subjects they specialize in, only when they are sure they can complete the assignment in question on time. It eliminates the problem of incompetence: first, we carefully test every writer willing to work for prior to hiring him, secondly, we are even more careful about tracking the progress and quality of output he provides after he is hired.

Advantages of Using

We don’t have a centralized pricing policy – as a result, every writer assigns the price he realistically expects to be paid for his work. You can choose authors from any price segment you want: beginners charge lower fees (starting at 5 cent per word), while more skilled and experienced authors tend to expect higher pay. However, due to our stringent testing and screening policies you can be sure the writer you hire is always skilled enough and knows everything about all the basic types of tweets he may be expected to write:

  • Content sharing tweets;
  • Problem solution tweets;
  • Question tweets;
  • Comment retweets;
  • Fact presentation tweets;
  • Etc.

Writers from All over the World Are Here to Help You

It doesn’t matter where you hail from and what kind of local specifics you want to add to your tweets – on you will easily find a writer with exactly the background and skills you need, for we have specialists from all countries of the world working through our service. It is up to you whom of them to choose and which factors to take into account when making this choice. You can, however, be sure that all writers working with the help of know what they are doing and can write tweets on any topic, with any goal in mind, for example:

  • Tweets notifying about special events your business carries out;
  • Tweets about special promotions, discounts and lotteries;
  • Quiz tweets;
  • Call to action tweets;
  • Photo tweets showing off new products. Skill, Originality, Punctuality

We know how important it is for a business owner to receive their tweets on time, and that is why we pay special attention to make sure we only accept writers who are capable of completing their job before the appointed deadline. As for originality, we make sure there is never any copy/paste in our work by means of a powerful anti-plagiarism program that keeps all the characteristics of resulting texts within the boundaries acceptable by SEO standards. Come to us, place an order and you will soon see for yourself how easy, quick and comfortable it is to work with us – you are guaranteed to receive all your orders on time, for the absolute majority of texts produced by authors working through are delivered on time. The quality of our work is always quite impressive – the majority of our clients give our texts 8.5 out of 10 on average. Don’t worry – solve your content problems right now and don’t think about them anymore!

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