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Academic writing on business subjects is unlike any other assignment you are to work on – it is much less concerned with theory and pays much closer attention to practice, application, direct experience and problem solving. In other words, it is much harder to write on these subjects without having personal involvement in business procedures of some kind. Even if you don’t write about your participation in everyday life of a commercial firm, you will have to work with documents, interview specialists and so on – which isn’t always easy to do even if you have some experience in this field. That is why many students resort to business writing services to solve their problems of this kind.

An Academic Writing Service of a New Type isn’t so much a business writing service as it is an online freelance platform used by experienced academic writers as an additional source of income and a way to apply their considerable skills without obligations to any particular writing agency. Freelancers simply offer their services and find those who need them to cooperate on a private basis. We don’t even have a single pricing policy – depending on how skilled and well-reputed a particular writer is he can ask for anything from 5 cent per word and upwards – if he can find any takers, that is. With our service, any client from any corner of the world can find a writer from any background he wants: ESL and ENL, American and European, affordable and expensive.

What Kind of Help We Can Provide

If you need a sample of an academic assignment to start you on the way to doing your own business papers writing, you are unlikely to find a better place to buy it. Our writers can successfully complete any kind of business writing:

  • Business case studies;
  • Research papers;
  • Business blog writing;
  • Reports;
  • Business letters;
  • Etc.

When you deal with us, the conditions are completely up to you. After you submit an order and provide the necessary instructions and details, our experts start bidding for the right to work on it, offering their prices and other conditions. You are free to choose any of them to write your assignment – if you can find common ground in terms of deadline and fee, you can hire any person working through After that, we will provide you with the means of keeping track of your order and communicating with the writer so that you can always know how the job is progressing.

We Work on Any Business Topic You Can Think about

You don’t have to worry about your assignment being too complex or not understanding the topic very much yourself – our writers are experienced at this kind of thing and can provide top-notch results no matter what topic you assign to them. Here are just a few topics they can write about:

  • The Influence of Reputational Damages on Sales;
  • The Culture of Debt: Long-Lasting Effects of Credit Cards on Economy and Society;
  • Is It Possible and Viable to Stop Internet Piracy?
  • Influence of Call Center Outsourcing to India and South Africa on Service Quality;
  • Viability of Old Advertising Media in 21st Century;
  • Is It Necessary for International Corporations to Adapt to Local Peculiarities?

And even if your topic is far more difficult, they will easily cover it!

Benefits of Using

Unlike the majority of writing agencies out there, we don’t force our decisions and solutions on you. We give you complete freedom in the choice of writer, how much you intent to participate in the writer’s work, how much you intend to pay and so on. We only take care about the most important things: the security, safety and confidentiality of financial transactions, maintaining the overall standard of quality across all writers working through and resolution of possible disputes between clients and writers. When using our service, you may be sure the text you receive isn’t going to be plagiarized or copy/pasted from some online source – and you will have an opportunity to study the examples of each writer’s work before selecting a contractor to work on your paper. Don’t hesitate any longer – you won’t find a better offer and a more innovative approach to academic writing anywhere else. We have already helped hundreds of students – and we can help you as well!

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