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Ebooks often serve as excellent promotional materials for various businesses as well as other purposes. However, writing an ebook is a great deal of work, and not everybody has enough time and expertise to do it with any impressive results. Even if you are fairly well-grounded in a particular area of knowledge and have a lot to share with your readers, people such as business owners rarely have enough time on their hands to write an entire book. If, however, you feel that you absolutely have to create content of this type, it may be a better idea to delegate this task to somebody who specializes in this kind of work – for example, to an online writing service like

Ebook Writing Done by Experts

There is much more to composing an ebook than simply writing a whole lot of words and putting them together. There are a lot of things to consider above and beyond just writing: editing, formatting, preparing illustrations, choosing fonts and much, much more. Therefore, you cannot assign this kind of work to just anybody. made a point of only hiring highly qualified specialists to work on projects of this type: any prospective writer has to prove their command of written English by completing a number of tests. In addition to that, every client has a full right to rate their performance, which results in individual writers’ ratings, giving new customers a fairly good idea of what to expect from every particular author. As a result, you always know exactly what you pay for, and we get an opportunity to get rid of all the untrustworthy writers before they do harm to our reputation.

WWhy Use Our Ebook Writing Service

You can find dozens of companies and individual authors offering to write an ebook on any subject and topic you may desire. You are justified to ask what makes us believe is in any way superior choice when compared with them. Well, all we can do is describe the features we offer and let you judge by yourself:

  • Free cooperation between clients and writers. Instead of assigning writers to orders of our own discretion, we’ve created an environment in which writers can bid for the right to work on every particular order. The one who offers the most attractive conditions and manages to persuade the client he/she is the best choice for the situation, wins;
  • Flexibility. You can order any kind of written content, from ebooks and white papers to blog posts and press releases, and more;
  • You choose what you want. You are free to set any conditions, as long as you can find a writer willing to accept them. Set your own deadline, specify any specific terms, assign the price you are willing to pay – we don’t interfere in the bidding process under any conditions.

Talk Things over with Your Writer

You are free to discuss your order, how it is being written, what needs to be changed and so on with your writer at any step of the work. Want to change the conditions? Discuss it with the writer, and if you can find a common ground, the terms will be changed to accommodate both of you. Want to add additional instructions? Nothing can be simpler. Just remember that your writer is a professional who expects to be treated with respect, and you are sure to get along well. If you want more writers to choose from when you place an order, there is a “featured” option. Pay a small fee, and we will place your order above the rest of the list so that all writers entering their accounts will immediately see it. This way you can guarantee that all writers who are not currently otherwise employed will see your order and have a chance to bid for it.

Enjoy Complete Safety

Your personal, financial and business information is safe with us – we never divulge anything shared with us to any third party. You don’t even have to release the payment to the writer until you’ve checked the final draft of the order and are completely sure you won’t need any additional revisions or corrections. Until then you are free to ask for as many alterations as you need (as long as they don’t contradict your own instructions). Remember – our employees have been writing ebooks for a long time and have a lot of experience in this line of work. By placing an order with you not only free your time for the core activities of your business, but also get professional assistance and can expect high quality results to emerge. Don’t worry about the details – from the point you’ve placed the order, it is our work to take care of the entire job. always delivers on its promises.

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