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Of course, you know, how much time writing an e-book takes. You need to determine your objective, come up with your topic and title, then think through the whole structure and actually start writing. But even after you are done writing, the 'fun' is not over – you still have a bunch of proofreading to do! That is why services that specialize in writing an e-book for money were created. But do they save your time or create problems? Let's try to figure this out.

Our platform is a gathering of thousands and thousands of professional experienced writers from all over the world who place bids to compete for each order. This means that there's no fixed price for a certain type of paper, but generally, the prices are very customer-friendly - they start at only $0,05 per word. How cheap is that?!

So, the great thing about our service is that we have a great variety of authors with experience in academic writing, e-book included. Some of them might have spent years and years writing an e-book for profit, so their qualifications will amaze you!

Now you see – these kinds of specialist can do the job a lot faster (and maybe even better), save you a bunch of time and not rob your wallet!

Let us tell you more about the whole process!

How It’s All Organized

Generally, the process is extremely simple. You place your order online by filling out a very simple form. Then you wait to see the bids from writers, which won’t take long to happen. You'll see how much they want for the job, where they come from, their experience and certifications. You can also ask them to show you some samples of their work or give you a small preview of what they can do.

What you choose to discuss during your chats and how you decide to pick them, is totally up to you. But of course, we are here to help, if either party has any issues.

Then you make up your mind and pick your author - the person you'll be in touch with throughout the whole process. It is a good idea to divide big projects into separate milestone. This way you get to review more often and make corrections before it's too late. Also, you pay only for the parts that have already been completed.

It's also great to know that, since we have both writers and customers from all over the Globe, you can set your geographical or language preferences. Just think of how many amazing options you have and how many different colors you can add to your book! (People with various cultural and religious backgrounds who speak different languages and have seen different parts of the world) – try to imagine what they can add to your writing!

Still Hesitating?

While you're thinking, we'd like to give you several e-book topic examples that we can create for you:

  • Romance of the Doomed
  • Everyday Ways to Happiness
  • A Murder to Remember
  • 50 Ways to Deal with Your Boss
  • My Year-Long Journey to a Healthy Diet

And this is just a glimpse! Name it, and we'll find somebody who can do it!! With such a great variety of specialists, no order is left unattended.

We hope that all this information has helped you make up your mind and realize, that sometimes it's better to let someone do the job for a reasonable price, instead of stressing yourself out and getting through sleepless nights!

Besides, we believe that working with another author can also give your creativity and inspiration a boost! Maybe, it's just what your Muse needs as well!

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