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Press release writing is something every business has to deal with, and doing it effectively and efficiently requires a lot of skill, effort and time. It is no wonder that online press release help is so popular nowadays – after all, not every entrepreneur is a skilled writer or has one on staff. However, using the assistance of most writing services is akin to assigning a random person you found on the street to this task – your average writing agency has very limited personnel, and out of necessity often has to assign people without the necessary qualifications to PR help. If you are looking for a specialized approach, you may be interested in the assistance by – a new kind of writing service.

What We Do Differently is not exactly a writing service in the first place. We don’t have a constant team of writers – instead we’ve created a network uniting a number of authors doing freelance writing to earn extra money. We simply make sure that each of them really has the qualifications to do the work he claims to specialize in, that there is no plagiarism and that all the transactions between clients and writers are completely safe, secure and confidential. As a result, we have a huge and diverse team of writers from all over the world capable of tackling any task dealing with business writing, including:

  • Press releases;
  • Business proposals;
  • Business correspondence;
  • Executive announcements;
  • Etc.

The Way Does Its Work

When you place an order with, it appears in the list of tasks available to all writers, who then read it and, if they are interested, bid for the opportunity to work on it, offering their own conditions. That is why it is so important to leave as detailed and clear instructions as possible – the better your order is described, the higher is the likelihood that a high-ranking writer will get interested and bid for it. If, on the contrary, you simply write something like “write my press release” without mentioning the topic or giving additional details, there won’t be many takers. After a fair amount of bids accumulates, you can choose any one of them – of course, after taking some time to study the people behind them. We give you an opportunity to study writers’ profiles so that you always know whom you hire and if they can be entrusted an assignment of this magnitude. This approach allows us to maintain contacts with numerous writers, which means that we have specialists capable of writing press releases of all types and on any topics. Here are just a few of the assignments we’ve dealt with recently:

  • A press release about the launch of a new cleaning solution;
  • A press release about entering a new market;
  • A press release about the launch of a startup;
  • Executive announcement introducing a new staff member;
  • Industry convention press release.

Why You Should Work with

It is all very good, you may say, but does it really make us better than your average press release writing service? Let’s see. When you deal with us, you don’t have to worry about your order being assigned to somebody who can’t find head or tail of the topic in question. You choose the contractor yourself and have full freedom to make the right and informed choice. Our prices are reasonable – we spend far less than most writing services on management and organization, for our role is limited to screening the writers willing to work through the service and making sure all transactions are fair and safe. Of course, our writers choose their own prices (starting at about 5 cent a word), but they have to think about maintaining the balance between keeping their fees high enough to please themselves and low enough to attract customers, so what you are going to find is a definition of affordability. As a result, what you have is this: a writing service where you get to choose what you get, where you can hire writers from all over the world to work on your order, where you can come for help wherever you live. So what are you waiting for? Come place an order now!

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