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Writing a business proposal is not an easy task, and it is to be expected – after all, you don’t simply have to express your idea and provide information about your product or service, but do it in a way that would invite interest, prove your point and influence the reader in a positive way. Of course, the same can be said about most types of writing, but in case of business texts it is especially important. In addition to that, business proposal writing is extremely sensitive to customization – that is, a generalized text of this kind is very unlikely to bring positive results, as the recipient immediately feels that it hadn’t been tailored to his specific situation. If you use business proposal writing services to get a sample of a well-written text of this type it also pays to get a specialized proposal, for it will be of much greater use when it comes to learning how to use the information you have at your disposal to press your point.

Why Traditional Writing Services Are No Good for Business Proposal Writing

Absolute majority of services offering business proposal help don’t specialize in this kind of work but do it among dozens other things. These companies are usually stiff and inflexible in their approach to work. When you place an order, some manager who is constantly pressed for time simply assigns one of the currently available writers to it, without paying much attention to the writer’s specialization, qualifications and abilities. Most people working for such companies are overworked and bored to tears writing about things they have only a very vague concept of – and you can hardly expect people in such a situation to write an inspired business proposal, especially if business writing isn’t their forte in the first place. Is Your Top Choice for Business Writing, however, is different. Instead of being a writing service, we represent a network, a community of freelance academic writers from all over the world who use our service to find writing jobs for some additional income. They only take up work when they have enough time for it, each writer is a specialist in his chosen field of expertise, and we, on our part, make sure that every piece of writing produced by them is completely original by using highly efficient anti-plagiarism software. Such a decentralized approach allows us to use the services of a much greater number of writers than it would’ve been possible otherwise, which means that they can take up any kind of business writing, including:

  • Commercial offer;
  • Request for proposal;
  • Invitation to bid;
  • Request for quotation;
  • Information request;
  • Etc.

How We Make It Work

The primary goal of is to provide for a completely free method of communication and cooperation between clients and contractors. When you place an order, we don’t assign a random person without any background in this particular discipline to it. Instead, writers themselves bid for the right to work on your assignment and choose for themselves if they are willing and capable of doing the job. You are free to study their bids and profiles and choose whichever you like most. We don’t impose centralized prices – each writer is free to ask as much for his services as he can sell them for. As a result, we can write on virtually any topic, for example:

  • Proposal for services;
  • Sales proposal;
  • Writing the grand proposal;
  • Positive or negative answer to proposal;
  • Request proposal for credit facility.

We Have All Kinds of Writers Working through

Our decentralized nature allows us to use the services of people from all over the globe, which provides for additional insights into the conventions and principles of business proposal writing depending on geographical location. After all, methods of doing business and composing business writing differ greatly from country to country, and in order to write successfully one has to be aware of local realia. Wherever you come from, you will be able to find writers familiar with the country you are interested in, ready to help you at a reasonable price (our fees start at 5 cent a word). So, don’t put it off any longer – place an order now, and our writers will soon be hard at work at your assignment!

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